Reasons Your Building May Need an Energy Valve

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Energy prices soar in the summer. It’s hot outside, the air conditioner is running, but it may not be running as efficiently as it could or should. A dirty filter, damaged heating and cooling coils, debris and water pressure can all take a toll on the effectiveness of your HVAC system. Not having the ability to monitor the system means that many of these issues go unnoticed for a long period of time causing more problems down the road resulting in a low Delta T and higher utility bills.

Delta T is the temperature difference of the water when it enters the coils and the temperature when it exits. So if the water that enters the cooling coil is 75 degrees and the water leaving the coil is 55 degrees, the Delta T is 20 degrees. Low Delta T means that there is an issue causing the coils to not cool or warm the water efficiently. This could be caused by too high of water pressure which would not give the water enough time for proper exposure to the coils. It could also be that the water pressure is too low, causing some water to slosh through the coils and other water to not be fully exposed to the coil. If the filter is clogged or debris is inside the system, it can also cause your HVAC system to not work properly or efficiently.

EnergyValveThe Belimo Energy Valve is one of the solutions we suggest to low Delta T and an inefficient HVAC system. This type of valve controls the water pressure, causing the water to have the perfect amount of exposure to the heating and cooling coils.  It reduces the amount of water wasted by an improperly balanced system and eliminates costly issues caused by low Delta T. The Belimo energy valve is fitted with its own IP address and web service, giving the maintenance team the ability to monitor the system in real time and make adjustments remotely.

In a case study featuring the University of Miami, Scott Czubkowski, PE, Director of Engineering at Kerney Associates, installed a number of Belimo energy valves across the university’s campus which ultimately resulted in a $57,000 savings in utilities. They first installed it in the university’s clinical research building, which is over 300,000 square feet. The efficiency of the system was improved almost instantly. Before the valve was installed, the Delta T was 7 degrees. Within a day of installation, it was up to 10 degrees. That makes a huge difference in energy prices when talking about heating and cooling such a large building.

By installing an energy valve, you eliminate water waste from your system resulting in a more energy efficient, environment-friendly unit.  You’re able to monitor the system to detect any complications and make real time changes when needed. You may not be responsible for a large campus, but everyone can benefit from a lower utility bill and an efficient heating and cooling system.  If you’re interested in learning more about Belimo energy valves or any of our other utility-saving products, please contact a Control Depot representative today.

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