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Control Depot University: NiagaraAX Technical Certification Program

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The goal of the 5-day NiagaraAX Technical Certification Program (TCP) course is to help a broad range of distribution partners in the building automation, energy
services, power/utility, and industrial sectors gain the level of technical expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program projects
using the NiagaraAX Framework.

Course Description
The goal of the NiagaraAX TCP course is to provide level-two technical training for those responsible for building and supporting station databases and their interface. It is designed to enable systems integrators to effectively use the features of the NiagaraAX Framework to engineer and support control solutions.

Successful completion of this course attests to the ability of the candidate to plan, develop, and maintain NiagaraAX control applications. The primary training resource used is the NiagaraAX Technical Certification Student Guide.