Facebook – Honeywell Opens-Up Win-Pak

Honeywell Opens-Up Win-Pak Integrated Security Platform with New Application Programming Interface

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) released an application programming interface (API) for its widely used WIN-PAK® integrated security platform that allows users to better integrate their access control security system with other building management and administrative systems. The WIN-PAK PE API works as the interface between Honeywell’s WIN-PAK PE 3.0 and WIN-PAK SE 3.0 solutions and the client’s third party system making it the ideal solution for customers who require a single point of entry for their employee’s data and access security levels, and who are looking for one host platform to integrate security, human resources and building automation technologies.

For integrators, the WIN-PAK PE API provides an easy path to combine access control solutions into their clients’ existing and new building management and administrative systems. In addition, the broader WIN-PAK software range has the capabilities to meet the demands of their customers regardless of the size of their business. WIN-PAK PE API also enables support for other technology systems for the first time. Among these are biometric systems, where the API interface enables connection between and sharing of biometric templates databases with WIN-PAK card holders records. Users will save time and effort by controlling and monitoring access control functions from one host platform rather than multiple individuals systems, and operators will respond faster to security events without switching between different applications.

“Access control has traditionally been a brand specific business where software relates only to the hardware of the same vendor,” said René von Franquemont, product manager EMEA at Honeywell Security Group. “Integrating the WIN-PAK access control solution with other third party platforms allows WIN-PAK to be open in this multi-brand era. The new WIN-PAK PE API will enable our customers to reap the great benefits of the WIN-PAK access control solution and integrate into multi-brand and third party platforms. This will allow organisations to save time and money by not having to work across several different security systems.”

WIN-PAK PE API, WIN-PAK SE 3.0 and WIN-PAK PE 3.0 are commercially available in EMEA. WIN-PAK SE 3.0 and WIN-PAK PE 3.0 includes English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian and Arabic user interfaces.