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Honeywell JADE™, an
economizer that uses outdoor air to cool and ventilate an indoor space. JADE includes an LCD
screen that delivers continuous messages, important diagnostics and system status. It provides onboard
fault detection and diagnostics, which quickly identifies sensor failure or loss of
communication, saving time on service and commissioning. It is simple to install; JADE does not
require a certified programmer or installer to set up or operate, saving money and time for users.
“JADE allows us to take what nature has given us and lets us use it to naturally ventilate
buildings, said Dave Molin, general manager, Honeywell Building Control Systems. It not only
allows building owners to save money on their utility bill, but helps decrease the size of their carbon
JADE ensures that customers are able to meet current local and national ventilation codes.
Plus, it incorporates future recommended code change features, so building owner can relax
knowing that for years to come their building will be compliant.
Additional JADE features include:
• Color-coded wiring terminals for easy installation
• Built-in freeze protection to protect coils when temperatures drop
• Two-wire Sylk™ bus enabled communications for simple integration and future
Honeywell continues to lead the way toward helping the world become more energyefficient
and sustainable with superior products that allow customers to save energy while saving on
the bottom line. When installed and maintained properly, JADE can reduce energy costs as much as
40 percent, depending on geographic region and building usage.